Orgocare's Story

Orgocare is the result of personally experiencing the traditional beauty secret that is organic shea butter when living in West Africa, and our desire to share our experience with this side of the world. One would be amazed at how the regular use of pure and organic products can replace a complicated beauty routine.

Our Mission

Our mission at Orgocare is to bring you the best of traditional organic beauty secrets from around the world at a great price.

Your Contribution

By choosing Orgocare, you're not just investing in your well-being; you're extending your reach across borders and making a positive impact on the lives of hardworking individuals in distant corners of the world.

Our commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients from global producers means that your purchase reverberates through a network of dedicated indiviauls, helping sustain their livelihoods and communities.

Thank you for being a conscious consumer and making a difference with every purchase you make.