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African Black Soap Pack of 3

African Black Soap Pack of 3

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  • Before you begin, start with a patch test, especially if you have sensitive skin.

    When using African Black Soap, limit usage to 2-3 times per week; on alternate days, use a milder cleanser.

    For best results, break or slice a small piece of the soap, no larger than your pinky nail (you can use a knife). It's ideal to wet only the portion you need at that moment to extend the life of the main soap bar.

    Next, create a rich lather in the palms of your hands using water. Gently apply the lather to your skin using circular motions, ensuring thorough coverage. Rinse thoroughly.

    Always remember to follow up with moisturizer, and don't skip your sunscreen!

    African Black Soap is suitable for use on your entire body and even your scalp.

  • Storage Secrets

    Keep your bar of soap dry to prevent it from melting, especially in the summer!

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